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King Pole Magazine.
This page contains details of previous issues of King Pole Magazine produced by the Circus Friends Association of Great Britain. If you wish to purchase an issue please contact the CFA Merchandising Manager via the CFA Shop page by following the link at the foot of this page.

Issues from: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 , 2006, 2007

Issue No 161 December 2006
This issue includes: Articles:70th Birthday for Kristel Sembach-Krone, Gwyn Owen- on Boswell Wilkie, Mike Austin-66 Years Young (Pt 2 1954-70), Memories by Don Stacey, Krakatuk in Odessa, 18th CFA Circus Awards 2006, Memorable circuses in Hungary, Reviews:World: Circus visit in Avtovo St Petersburg, Cirkus Dannebrog, Cirkus Benneweis, Cirkus Arena, Circus Royal (Zurich), Rudolf Busch, Cirque Niagra, Northern France-Circus Motorway, Roncalli Transport, Irish:Circus Vegas & Hoffenburg, Royal Russian Circus, Fossetts, Circo Corvenio.UK: Cirque Surreal-Voyagers(Sandown Pk), Billy Smart's Circus (Blackheath), Netherlands National Circus(Bristol), Circus of Horrors(Hastings), Bobby Roberts Super Circus (Town, Rhyl), Giffords & Ronaldo(Marlborough).

Obituaries:Farrell Hettig, Vitaly Kharpavitski, Peter Hepple, Jenda Smaha.

Book News & Reviews: A Day at the Circus GBC (DVD), 2007 Circus Calender, Water for Elephants (Gruen), The Contemporary Circus (Albrecht), Under the Big Top (Katsaris), Mr Bullen's Elephants (Cunningham).CFA News:New Members, CFA Council, Small Ads.World of Model Circus:Brighton Model World, Circus Model Builders of America, Schuco models from Germany, Chipperfield Auction prices, CFA Model for sale.

Issue No 160 Directory Issue September 2006
This issue includes: Articles:Mike Austin-66Years Young, Gwyn Owen-on Billy Smarts, Riglings Disastrous European Tour, Rolf Knie's Gallery, Memories by Don Stacey (Pt2, Chessington,On Stage, Robert Bros, Sanger, Mills at Olympia), Valeria Murzak, Goto's Circus, Reviews:World:Raul Gibault's Medrano, Kinie, Krone, Nock, Cirques Roger Laanzac & Ahille Zavatta Fils, Renz Berlin, Circus Malford, Alberto Althoff.Irish:Tom Duffy's Silk Road Production,Circus Gerbola. UK: Eclipse 2006, Festival Circus (Portsmouth), GBC (Colchester), Giffords (Lechlade), Peter Jay Summer Spectacular (GY Hippodrome), Mook's Angels at BTC, Paulo's Circus Americano (Bridport), Spirit of the Horse-Chimera (Bakewell), Great Bulgarian Circus (Mablethorpe).Obituaries:Istvan Peter, Irene Storms, Betty Allen, Wendy Van Haarlem, Reg Bolton, Harold Ronk, Fred Logan.Book News & Reviews:Confessions of a showman(Cottle & Batten), Amar De la cage à la sciure (Bertault & Lucert),Vehicles et Convois Du Cirque (Lecoutre), Raubtierlehrer Im Wandel Der Zeiten (Hans-Jürgen & Rosemarie Tiede), Zippos Circus-A childs eye view (DVD), Fun without Vulgarity (Haill), The Victorian Clown (Bratten & Featherstone), The Annual Clowns Directory (Salvo), Wounded Prophet- a portrait of Nouwen (Ford) Le Reve (Perier),News:Andrew Coates-newly elected President, Congrats to Salsky's, National Circus Sales, Animal Welfare Bill. CFA News:New Members, CFA Council 2/7/06, Circus FANtastic, Rally to GBC, SmallAds, Novelty Imports.World of Model Circus:Ivan Taylor

Issue No 159 King Pole Extra: Water Spectacles In the Circus.
'Aqua Shows Around The World' by Don Stacey.

Issue No 158 June 2006
This issue includes: Articles: Brighton Centre Circus of 1978, Gwyn Owen:Fossetts in Ireland in 1967, Memories by Don Stacey (Sundin,Minelli,Moody,Dodd, Daniels),The Murszak Family in Eclipse, Circo Americano à 3 Pistas - Logisticas.Reviews:World: Circus Sarasota 2006, Weber Bros Circus, Délires-Cirque Arlette Gruss, Cirque Pinder-Jean Richard, Universal Renz, Belly Wien, Flic Flac, Roncalli. Irish: Sydney 2006, Moscow State, Hoffenburg, Fossetts, Vegas. UK:Starr, Mondao, Bobby Roberts Super, Jay Miller's, Moscow State, Wookey Hole Caves, Spanish National, John Lawson's, Santus-Le Cirque de France, Big Kid, Horses Kingdom, Circus Hilarious, Zippos, Insect Circus.Obituaries:Eddie Connolly, Jacky Rex, Alexander Konyot, Ingred Geiger-Busch, Rony Jarz,Jean Hutch,Rose Chipperfield, John Glyn Hughes, Edward Campbell, Ares de Wit. Book News & Reviews:Fotocircus 2005 (Yvon Kervininio), L'Imaginaire Du Cirque (H. Hottier), Belgische Circussen EN Foortheatres (Andre de Poorter), Les Cirques Des Freres Amar (Dom Denis), Modoc (R Helfer)News: Smarts 06, Moscow State on Tour, Chinese State on Tour, Joplin is Giffords 06, Cottle book, Ronaldo in Britain, GBC, Chimera, Horses Kingdom, Cirque de Demain, Animal Welfare Bill, Kingdom Feedback:Miss Lala, Elephants in 1937-1938, Animal Welfare Bill, Memories of Rosaire & Kayes. CFA News:Council 26th Feb, Bostock & Wombwell talk, AGM, Rally to Zippos, New Members, Donations, Resignations, Harry Errington. World of Model Circus: 2006 Model Circus Directory.

Issue No 157 March 2006
This issue includes: Articles: 30 Monte Carlo Circus Festivals, CFA Rally to celebrate 30th MC Festival, Gwyn Owen: Humberto & Olympia, Miss Lala at Cirque Fernando, Winter Circuses in Paris, Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain. Reviews: World: Shanghai Acrobatic Show(Shanhai), Le Cirque Dducatif (Reims), Circus Krone (Munich), Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey 136th edition, Ringling Hometown Edition (Gold), Flic Flac(Dortmund), Circo Americano A 3 Pistas(Valencia), Gran Circo Mundial (Valencia & Madrid),Christmas Circuses in the Netherlands:Ahoy Christmas circus (Rotterdam), Master Clown at Wereldkerst Circus (Carre, Amsterdam), 10th JubileeInternational Festival (Enschede), Stadsschoewberg(Eindhoven).. Irish: Circus Vladimir (Lisburn), Circus Ozzz (Drogheda), Wayne Courtney's Royal Russian Circus, Fossett Bros Circus, Tom Duffy & Son's Circus, Circus Gerbola, Chineese State. UK: Circus Americano (Brent Knoll), New Generation Robert Bros Famous Circus (Milton Keynes), Zippos Circus (Dorking Halls), Pinocchio on Ice (Norwich), Charles Chipperfield's Circus (Strathclyde Park), Peter Jay's Christmas Circus (Yarmouth), Le Cirque Du Soleil-Allegria (London), Circus of Horrors (Hastings & Huddersfield), Blackpool Tower Christmas Circus-Robin Hood.. Obituaries: Derrick Rosaire, Ivor Rosaire, Dave Hoover, Tommy Hanneford, Arlette Gruss, Valerie Mullens-Cottrell, George Speight.. Book News & Reviews: L'Homme Qui A Sauve Le Cirque Pinder -Jean Richard (Gilbert Deelstein, Sur Le Fil De Ma Vie-Gipsy Gruss Bouglione, Dans L'Intimite Des Geants (Louis Bouchery & Sylvain Jardon), Bran Van der Weide: Van droom naar traditie, The Main Stage. News: Moscow State Circus on tour, Chinese State Circus on Tour, Zippos 2006, Great British 2006, British Unicycle Convention(BUC), American Award for Eclipse, Staue of Gunther Gebel-Williams in Florida, Wedding of Patrick Austin & Liza King, Insect Circus at hoxton Hall. Feedback: Elephant Question, CFA Circuses, CFA Circus at Chessington, Circus Herman Renz. CFA News: CFA AGM at Chester Zoo, New Members, Small Ads. World of Model Circus.
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King Pole.

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