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King Pole Magazine.
This page contains details of previous issues of King Pole Magazine produced by the Circus Friends Association of Great Britain. If you wish to purchase an issue please contact the CFA Merchandising Manager via the CFA Shop page by following the link at the foot of this page.

Issues from: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006,2007
Issue No. 141 December 2002.
This issue includes: Articles: Profile of Julius Häni, 15th CFA Circus Awards-2002, 15 Years of the CFA Circus Awards, The Astley Story - where the trail led, International Clown Celebration - Southport 2002, Arthur Pedlar, Jerwood Awards, Sue & Rudi Lenz -Circus Hall of Fame, The Great British Circus Transport Fleet. Reviews: World: Fliegenpilz-Circus under water, Hungarian State Circus Richter, Cirque Diana Moreno - Paris, Rene Strickler's Raubtierschau, Circus Harlekin, Swiss National Circus Knie, Circus Medrano, Circus Stey, Wendel Huber's Elephant Show, Circus Knock, Circus Roncalli, Cirque De La Ville De Lille, Sterling Reid Bros Circus, Carson & Barnes Five Ring Circus, Irem Shrine Circus (Hamid Circus Royale). UK: Peter Jolly's Circus, Circus Starr, Circus Petite.

Obituaries: Teddy Green, Father Harry Bannigan, Vlastimir Valla Bertini, William Hamilton, Charlie Bale, Violette Cairoli.

Circus News: Zippo's x2 at Xmas, 2nd winter Circus in Gt. Yarmouth, National Circus Day, Barum in Aachen, 'Circus in Europe' Symposium, Arts Council & Circus, DEFRA Standards document for Circus, Circus festival in Sweden, David Hibling moves to France! Book News & Reviews: Circus Transport Photographs-Vol. 2, Le Cirque-Du Théâtre Équestre aux Arts de la Piste, Illustrated Playbills. CFA News: King Pole Index, New Members, Good Fellowship Report, September Rally to Peter Jay's Yarmouth Hippodrome, Motty Wingate, Rally to Spirit of the Horse, Rally to Amazing Animals, 2nd Great British Breakfast, Rally to Gilbert & Paulo's. World of Model Circus.

Issue No. 140 September 2002.
This issue includes: Articles: Tribute to Hal Fisher including 'A Trainer's Golden Rules', profile of George Meyrick Fay, profile of Tom Roberts, World of Model Circus, Fossett's & Duffy's-Transport & Logistics. Reviews: World: Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey 132nd edition (Blue Unit), Clyde Beatty Cole Bros Circus, Circus Renz Berlin, Circus Herman Renz, 'Ovations' at the Carre, Circus Altoff Theatre, Cirque Pinder-Jean Richard. Ireland: Circus Vegas, Tom Duffy's Circus. UK:Blackpool Tower Circus, Circus Baobab, Circus of the Streets, Peter Jay's Circus & Water Spectacular 2002 (Great Yarmouth Hippodrome), New Pleasurewood Hills Theme Park Circus Show, Uncle Sam's American Circus, Giffords Circus, Gangstars, Circus Ricardo, Netherlands National Circus, The Birds.

Obituaries: Maurice Houcke, Peter Arnett, Bobby Fossett, Robert 'Smokey' Jones.

Circus News: Additions to Circus Directory 2002, Bobby Roberts' Super Circus, Circus of Horrors, The Era, Cirque de Demain 2003 in Paris, Frank Foster-'The Queen & Me', International Circus Reunion 2003, Ivor Rosaire-91st birthday, wedding of Rusty Russell & Amanda Mack-Circus Markus, Belle Vue Reunion, Websites. Book News & Reviews: Luci Della Giocoleria-Alessandro Serena & Karl-Heinz Ziethen, Arlette Gruss-Le Cirque-Jaques Godot, Dan Rice The most famous man you've never heard of-David Carlyon, Cirkusplakater-Borgen Forlag. CFA News: New Members, rally to Blackpool Tower Circus, The great British Circus Breakfast, Good Fellowship Report.

Issue No. 139 June 2002. Directory Issue.
This issue includes: Articles: Death of Hal Fisher, Pablo Fanque-Black Circus Proprietor, CFA AGM and Social at Sheffield, World of Model Circus, Jürg Jenny, 3 pages of circus news & Circus directory of the British Isles, King Pole back issues. Reviews: World: Cirque du Soleil (Varekai), Cirque Arlette Gruss, Circus Nock, 40th Annual Rajah Shrine Circus, Circus Elfi Althoff-Jacobi, Circus Alexis Gruss, Circus Krone (Tenting Show), Circus Pikard, Austrian National Circus- Lois Knie, Carl Busch, Giovanni Althoff, Sarrasani. UK: Cottle & Austen Electric Circus, The Great British Circus, Circus Ginnett, Santus Circus, Circus Markus, Jay Miller's Circus, Zippo's Circus, John Lawson's Circus, Circus Hillarious(City Varieties, Leeds), Netherlands National Circus (2), Europa Clown Show, Gilbert & Paulo's Circus Adventure, Robert Bros Famous Circus - The new Generation, Spirit of the Horse. Ireland: Tom Duffy's Circus.

Obituaries: Gabor Eotvos, Baptist Schreiber, Walter Mauerhofer, Evelyn Paulo, Eddy Sosman, José Maria Gonzalez Jnr, Giovanni Biasini.

Circus News: Death of Mr Hal Fisher, Circus of the Streets, Blackpool Tower Circus, Circus King, Arthur Pedlar, Circus Animal Campaign in Latin America, Circus Modelbau & Circus Journal, Autographed 1st Day Covers.

Issue No. 138 March 2002. EXTRA.
Historic Circus Postcards.
This King Pole extra includes an introduction from David Davis and representations of 88 black & white postcards and over 25 in colour. The images chronicle aspects of circus history through the first half of the 20th century - a fascinating record of artistes, circuses, routines, costumes and advertising styles.

Issue No. 137 March 2002.
This issue includes: Articles: Memories of Ivor Rosaire, Astley's System of Equestrian Education, The E.E.C. Transport Fleet, CFA Rally to Circus Krone, 10th Massy International Circus Festival, The Parisian Hippodromes, Circus Autographs (Place your bids!). Photo Features: Bobby Roberts Super Circus in Glasgow, Build Up of Circus Fliegenpilz.Reviews: World. Circus Alexandre Bouglione, Cirque Pauwels, Club De Payasos Espagnoles Y Artistas De Circo, Gran Circo Mundial, KerstCircus Ahoy, Rotterdam, Groot Russich Circus, Circus herman Renz & Christmas, Wereldkerstcircus, Koninlijk Theater Carre (Amsterdam), Big Apple Circus 2001-02 (Big Top Doo-Wop), Winter Circuses in Paris (Trapeze & Cirque D'Hiver-Bouglione, Medrano- Le Cirque sur L'Eau, Cirque A L'Ancienne Alexis Gruss, Cirque De Moscou), Liana Orfei Golden Circus. UK. Bobby Roberts' Super Circus, Robinson Crusoe (Blackpool Tower), Zippo's Circus (Dorking Halls), Peter Jay's First Hippodrome Christmas Circus.

Obituaries: Jean Richard, Brian Crompton, Joyce Simkiss, Stafford Bullen.

Circus News: inc: Zippos, Great British in 2002, Tower, Circus Space & More!

Issue No. 136 December 2001.
This issue includes: Articles: The George Gridneff Story, European Expansion for Cirque Du Soleil, World of Model Circus at RAF Halton, Circ Chicane at the Dream Factory, "Got any Cigarette Cards, Mister?", 20 Years of John Lawson's Circus, CFA Circus Awards-2001. Reviews: The World: Circus Lidia Togni, Circus Barum, Circus Tihany in Costa Rica, Probst in East Germany, Cirque Kino's in Paris,News of Hawthorns animals, Circus in Budapest-Vienna, Circus x3 in Spain: Circo de Francia, Circo Coliseo, Circo Italiano. UK Reviews: Cirque Surreal (Voyagers), Circus of the Streets, Circus King, Giffords Circus, Circus Starr, Imperial Circus of China, Gilbert & Paulo's Circus, The Great British Circus.

Obituries: Albert Schumann, Albert Rix, Elaine Yelding, Peter Aitken.

Circus News: inc: Zippos, Jacko Fossett, Quidam & More!

Issue No. 135 September 2001.
This issue includes: Articles: 'Equine Reflections from Joan Rosaire', The life of Yvonne Berman, St Petersburg Circus & Museum. Reviews: Ireland: Duffy's Circus 2001, Fossett's Circus, The World: Segura Family presents Magic Circus, Clyde Beatty Cole Bros, Cirque Pinder Jean Richard, Krone Bau in Munich (March Prog), Circus Rudolph Busch, Flic Flac, Circus Krone (Tenting Show), Circus Elfi Althoff-Jacobi, Franz Althoff's Pferde Palast, Circus Rudiger Probst, Circus Busch-Roland, Fumagalli, Circus Nock, Circus Russo (Panama City), UK: Santus Circus, Jay Miller Circus, Peter Jay's Hippodrome, Blackpool Tower Circus (Friday Show), Eclipse (Circus Musical), Circus Ricardo, Circus Cirkor.

Obituaries: Larry Turnbull, Billy Merchant, Art Concello, Gunther Gebel-Williams.

Issue No: 134 June 2001. Directory Issue.
This issue includes: Articles: Eileen Pinder - 95 Years In Circus, Around The World With The Hermans, Cheval Theatre Honours The Horse, Globus In Romania, Cirque du Soleil. Reviews: World: Grand Cirque de Noel (Toulouse), Brians Circus (South Africa), Boswell Wilkie Circus (South Africa), Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey (Red Unit), Cirque Arlette Gruss (Lille), Circus Knie, Cirque Helvitica (Switzerland), Planet Circus (South Africa). UK: John Lawson's Circus, Zippo's Circus, Moscow State Circus, Bobby Roberts Super Circus, Blackpool Tower Circus, Netherlands National Circus, Circus Ginnett.

Obituaries: Charly Baumann, Dennis Fossett, Harold Alanza, Bob Williams, Clara Margaret Helen MacManus - Paulo, Kevin John.

Circus Directory of the British Isles 2001.

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