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HANS MARTENS (1945-19/3/2011)



Il mondo del circo ha perso un grande uomo.
Dopo una lunga lotta un contro una malattia incurabile Hans Martens 65 anni direttore del "State Circus of Moscow-Holiday and Christmas Circus Hilversum" è deceduto il 19 marzo 2011.

Hans Martens
(Foto circusvrienden.nl)

Per tutti coloro che vorranno unirsi alla sacra cerimonia putrannorecarsi il 28 marzo sotto lo chapiteaux del State Circus of Moscow-Holiday, a Tilburg Olanda, via Evenemententerrein het Laar.
La reception è dalle 10: 00 alle 12: 00
E il cerimoniale sacro dalle 12: 00 alle 14: 00
Ciao Hans ci mancherai tantissimo, ti porterò sempre nel mio cuore
Augusto Gonçalves

Hans Martens has passed away

Following a long illness, Hans Martens, since 1981 the director of the Staatscircus van Moskou / Holiday, died on Saturday, March 19.
The circus world has lost a dedicated promoter of circus arts. He attended the founding of the ECA in Haarlem in 2002 and since then he actively promoted the activities of our association. When he was in Monaco, he used to visit the members meeting and the symposium. You could always call on his help in dealing with national and regional authorities in the Netherlands. Thus, he was a member of a panel critically examining the study of the welfare of circus animals in the Netherlands.
We are grateful for everything he did for the circus industry and we regret that he passed away so early. We would like to express our sincere condolences to his children, family and friends.
A commemoration service will be held in the circus tent in Tilburg, Het Laar, on Monday, March 28 from 12 to 2 p.m. The reception of the guests will begin at 10 a.m.

Retour en images sur les tournées en France du cirque de Hans Martens (02):

Poursuivant notre hommage à M. Hans Martens, décédé le 19 mars dernier aux Pays-Bas, nous vous proposons de retrouver des photos de son cirque en tournée en France sous l'enseigne de "Cirque National des Pays-Bas", à Valenciennes en février 1986 et à Ivry-sur-Seine en décembre 1991.
A titre complémentaire, figurent 2 photos de cet établissement prise en 1992 à Reims et à Paris, sous l'enseigne de "Cirque de Moscou d'Oleg Popov".
Site internet: www.moskoucircus.nl

Texte:Jérôme Levaux
Photo(s): Jérôme Levaux